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The much awaited Premises Directions were finally issued on 10 May 2024 and came into force with immediate effect.  I set out some of the key changes: 1. Whilst the Directions make reference to the District Valuer, this can now be an alternative appointed valuer so this does give scope for NHS England or ICBs to […]

The last 12 months has been an interesting period of time largely due to the increase in interest rates.  This has had a dramatic impact upon the value of property and also the costs of property, notably by way of mortgage.     Valuations  It follows that the investment yield applied in undertaking a commercial property […]

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has made an impact in people’s lives on a global scale. From falling gravely ill, losing loved ones and the harsh restrictions, we have had a lot to cope with over the last two years. Perhaps those most greatly affected by these uncertain times are healthcare workers […]

If you are a GP looking to invest in a medical centre or similar premises, you are about to unlock a secure income. Investing in medical practices is worthwhile and, with the right support and advice from industry specialists, you can look forward to positive returns. From searching for the right property to refurbishing the […]

Primary Care provisions under pressure as ‘GREEN LIGHT’ to ‘fast-track’ planning for 300,000 + new homes each year What are the implications to the primary care sector and how will enough medical care be provided for the inhabitants of 300,000 new homes to be built each year? Adam Thompson, of property specialist, Primary Care Surveyors, […]

Adam Thompson of Primary Care Surveyors, specialists in all property matters in the primary care sector, looks at the way practices may have to change after COVID-19. In order to both be safe and provide the best care for patients post-pandemic, what will the Primary Care sector look like, and why is property obsolescence a […]

Adam Thompson of Primary Care Surveyors (PCS) has successfully negotiated a ‘Sale & Leaseback’ transaction for Townhill Medical Centre in Guards Avenue, Caterham, which had the added effect of attracting new medical partners to the practice at a time when the existing partners had retired. Townhill Medical Centre in Caterham provides crucial health care services […]

Adam Thompson of Primary Care Surveyors has been appointed to manage the transition of two separate GP practices into one new, state-of-the-art medical centre in Victoria Drive, Eastbourne, East Sussex. The Green Street Clinic and Enys Road Surgery in Eastbourne occupy similar ‘house conversion’ surgeries, and both have outgrown their current space due to increasing […]

Leading property specialists to the primary care market, Primary Care Surveyors continues to deliver innovative property solution to its clients. In one latest instruction, Primary Care Surveyors was instructed by the partners of Carlisle House Surgery in Poole to find a new home for the practice, enabling the business to expand its patient list whilst […]

Primary Care Surveyors, leading property specialists to the primary care property market, delivered an innovative property solution to partners of the Witterings Medical Centre, enabling the centre to thrive and continue to provide excellent services to the local community. The primary care landscape is changing, with retiring partners taking capital from property equity for retirement, […]

We are often asked; What’s happening to rents on medical centres? There is a general sense of frustration that rents have not increased much recently, with many doctors and practice managers comparing the increase in rent for their surgery to the increase in the value of their home. Whilst there are obvious differences between the […]

This firm regularly undertakes valuations of doctors’ surgeries, predominantly for partnership purposes.  We are sometimes also asked to review valuations provided by other firms, and it is interesting to observe the trends in valuations – particularly in those repeat valuations relating to the same property. In recent years, the valuation of surgery premises has generally […]

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