2017 in Review

2017 in Review

1st December 2017

It is that time of year when we tend to look back at what has happened over the preceding 12 months.  I have found that the highlights (or lowlights!) in the healthcare property sector for 2017 have been as follows:   The revised NHS Premises Directions that govern the payment of notional rent and rent […]

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Sale and Leaseback Transactions Explained

8th November 2017

Sale and leaseback transactions are much discussed and often promoted by surveyors and solicitors, unsurprisingly given that the yield often makes this a lucrative area of work for professional advisors.  However, it is in nobody’s interest to promote a strategy where it is not suitable, so it is important to establish that sale and leaseback […]

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NHS Property Services Update

1st November 2017

Many Practices have now received proposed Heads of Terms from a firm of surveyors, Montagu Evans, acting on behalf of NHS Property Services.  These Heads of Terms outline a lease which in most instances is for 25 years, although the landlord has the right to break the lease upon six months’ notice.  However, fortunately, the […]

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Succession and the Impact on Property

1st September 2017

The recruitment and retention of GPs has long been a challenge for practices, and in recent years this has been compounded by the baby boomer generation nearing retirement.  This has put many practices at risk of having an insufficient number of partners, and left them potentially vulnerable.  Furthermore, there has been a shift in the […]

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120 New GP Surgeries & Medical Centres Required in the Green Belt by 2025

1st August 2017

With 360,000 new houses planned on green belt land as part of a new housing boom, Adam Thompson, Director at Primary Care Surveyors – specialists in the primary care property sector – warns that little regard or attention is being paid to the required social infrastructure to support those new housing developments, regardless of Section […]

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Lease Issues

1st July 2017

I have recently advised a few GP practices concerning similar issues regarding the identity of the tenants on the lease. When premises are leased from landlords, it is imperative to ensure the names of the individual tenants are kept up to date.  Where a lease is granted for a surgery, a partnership cannot be a […]

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Health Centre Leases and NHS Estate

1st May 2017

In previous newsletters I have written about premises owned by NHS Property Services Limited and the proposed leases that Practices based in Health Centres are being asked to enter into.  Those issues continue, with the lease roll-out programme now firmly underway. Practices have received Heads of Terms via agents acting on behalf of NHS Property […]

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To Share or Not To Share Accommodation

To Share or Not to Share Accommodation

1st April 2017

There is an interesting contradiction between what is detailed in the NHS Premises Directions, and the direction of travel for the provision of healthcare services in the community. The number of other healthcare providers being based in the community in doctors’ surgeries, is increasing.  This has historically been the community staff, e.g. practice nurses and […]

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Development Update

1st March 2017

It is encouraging to note that there is much more activity now taking place with proposed development of new medical centres. This has come about with the implementation of the Estates and Technology Transformation Fund (ETTF) for which the new medical centres need to be up and running by 31 March 2019.  With construction typically […]

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Health Centre Leases

1st February 2017

I have written previous articles about the proposed leases for the practices who occupy all or part of health centres, now owned by NHS Property Services Limited. Such practices do not occupy health centres by way of formal lease agreements, although there have been various efforts made in times gone by for leases to be […]

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Valuation Update

1st January 2017

At the start of a new year it is always interesting to look back at work undertaken over the previous twelve months, and to try to anticipate what is going to happen in the year ahead. The volume of valuations undertaken by our company has increased noticeably in recent years, and this trend looks likely […]

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2020 Vision

1st December 2016

The immense pressure on healthcare services has been highly publicised.  One of many key statistics to indicate this, is that whereas the proportion of over 65s in the UK population rose only marginally between 2000 to 2010, from 23% to 24%, by 2035 it is expected to increase to 44%.  This will bring about quite […]

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Adam Thompson and MP Alan Mak discuss plans for Emsworth Surgery relocation

10th November 2016

Adam met with MP Alan Mak, to discuss plans for the relocation of Emsworth Surgery in Hampshire. Emsworth Practice has been a long-standing client of Primary Care Surveyors, with PCS providing valuation and rent review advice as well as ongoing advice on opportunities for a new medical centre.

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Primary Care Infrastructure

1st November 2016

There has been much speculation and discussion about the future structure of primary care, with a particular concern being recruitment of GPs and how this affects succession planning for practices. This may in turn affect the continuation of the GP practice as we know it. The challenge of recruiting partners to practices has been a […]

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Adam Thompson Speaks at HealthInvestor Summit 2016

3rd October 2016

Adam Thompson, Director of Primary Care Surveyors, joined the proactive panel discussions regarding primary care at the HealthInvestor Conference held at Nabarro, London in September 2016. He spoke about the state of primary care today, including how primary care estate is performing, and funding and future challenges. Joined by Chair Vernon Baxter, managing director of HealthInvestor, Paul Conlan, […]

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Who Will Be the Future Owners and Occupiers of GP Surgeries?

1st October 2016

Adam Thompson writes for Management In Practice on the subject of primary care property, succession planning and the challenges of recruiting new GP partners.

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Development Activity

1st September 2016

It is generally acknowledged that there has been an underinvestment in primary care infrastructure for several years. The reasons for this are well established, with the focus in recent years having been to ensure continuity of service provision which has consumed an ever-increasing part of NHS budgets against lower tax yields during the austerity following […]

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Valuation Issues and Partnership Change

1st August 2016

With many GP premises being owned within the partnership, there is frequent need for a valuation to be undertaken of the surgery premises, usually required when a partner is leaving or joining the practice. The first consideration is the Partnership Agreement, if one exists. The agreement should include details of how the property is to […]

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Development of New Premises – A Glimmer of Light

15th July 2016

The Primary Care Infrastructure Fund was launched in 2015, pledging £1billion investment in infrastructure improvements for primary care.  In Adam Thompson’s recent article for Management in Practice magazine, he sheds light on the opportunities enabled by this funding, through the newly named ‘Estates & Technology Transformation Fund’.

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Providing Trusted Resources For GP Partnership Change

5th June 2016

Primary Care Surveyors’ Adam Thompson has contributed his thoughts to Jerrard Keats & Wolley’s article, on providing trusted resources for GPs facing challenges during times of partnership change.

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The NHS PS/BMA Standard Lease For Health Centre Occupiers

1st June 2016

Further to my previous article, many of you will have seen features in the media about the “standard GP lease” that has been agreed between NHS Property Services and the BMA. This is an encouraging step forward and has been much anticipated. I am always concerned about how standardised such agreements can be, when there […]

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Light Beginning to Shine

5th November 2015

As premises continues to be a hot topic in the health care sector, Adam Thompson shares his thoughts on the changing composition of health care and property, and ensuring premises suit the needs of primary care in the 21st Century.

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Management In Practice – Premises in Healthcare

13th July 2015

Adam Thompson, Director of Primary Care Surveyors, writes for Management in Practice magazine.  In this article, he discusses the government’s Primary Care Infrastructure Fund and the £1 billion investment available over 4 years to support primary care properties. Read on to find out more about the funding and how it will affect the sector. Premises […]

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Premises, Rent and Leases: an Update

5th May 2014

Further to my previous article on development of new medical centres in October 2013, mixed messages have been received from NHS England. While there does not seem to be any doubt as to the need for new medical premises, the timescale for delivery is far from certain. Indeed it is now apparent that there will be no specific funding for new premises in 2014-15. Hopefully […]

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GP Premises – Top Ten Tips

5th January 2014

Top Ten Tips and Tricks for GP premises For all premises 1 – Partnership agreement. Is there a Partnership Agreement in place and how is the property treated within that? Is the basis of valuation still relevant? e.g. If the property is likely to cease to be used as a surgery in the foreseeable future, […]

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